Thursday, February 23, 2012

Help Dan Climb His Way to the Top

Hello Everyone, and welcome back to another episode of "Holy Crap! Cameron Actually Put Something on the Blog!"  But this time it's for a good cause.

*cue Stairway to Heaven intro*

And that cause is to view video of Dan getting his butt kicked by 1,098 steps.  That's right.  All 56 floors of the Republic Building in Denver.  Oh, and something about lungs too.  Anyway, here's the sales pitch:

"Hello all,
Yep, it's that time of year again, time for me to beg everyone for $5. Once again, this Sunday I will be climbing 56 floors and almost 1100 steps. Unfortunately for me, begging for the $65 in total donations is the worst part and what I have to do right now so that I can climb. I always promise myself I am going to solicit this money earlier, but just can't make myself do it.
Here's the link: On the left hand side there is a place to 'Donate". Please "sponsor a climber". Enter "Dan Smith" and then click on my name in the participant box. Under the video screen are small letters which say "Support Dan!", click on this and the rest should be easy. Give what you can, or if funds are tight, no worries.
One last thing, it's kinda late notice, but you can sign up to join our team (by tomorrow) and climb with us on Sunday. You may have to climb at a different time, but we will still be there I am sure.
Thanks for reading..."

Now, to be fair, Dan hasn't exactly agreed to record the whole ordeal on his iPhone yet, but I'm sure that if we can raise the $65 bucks he's aiming for in pledges, then I'm thinking we could talk him into it. I know what you're thinking, and OF COURSE I'd post the video here as soon as I got it.  And the way I figure it, raising the money should be no problem.  If everyone who reads this blog would chip in five dollars, just a measly little $5, then counting my $10 donation, that'd bring us to about....carry the one.....ten dollars.  Which according to some people's math is already practically half way there.

So do a good thing for a good cause (tax write-off) and help the guy out so we can all laugh through the ages at the video and thank the heavens it wasn't us on those stairs.

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