Sunday, February 22, 2009

Workshed's Big Bash

I would like to start by thanking everyone who made it to the party last night. It was a great CD release party, full of fun and good times with friends and family. Complete with door prizes (someone left theirs here, by the way), we had a very nice turnout, and everyone had a good time. Even the ones who slept through most of it. :)

Band recap:

Workshed handed out free (yes, FREE) copies of its debut CD, Optimism is for Suckers to everyone who made it by last night.

After some discussion and socializing, an announcement was made..... the band was breaking up. We'd reached the pinnacle of depression (confirmed by several guests listening to the music at the party), and since there was nowhere further to safely go, the decision to split up seemed the best choice.

Shortly thereafter, the band reformed as The Infinity Cycle. Delving into the realms of experimental music, and pushing the limits of musical ingenuity, a debut single was released on MySpace.

Needless to say, the attending crowd did not know how to react. Reactions ranged from mild amusement to outraged mob riot (complete with torches and pitchforks and angry yelling).

I suppose the music was just too ahead of it's time.

So the band broke up again.

And then reformed again, this time as Trans-Pacific Soul Train.

The band released two more singles on their new myspace page:

The fusion of funk, soul, early rap, and squareness was a source of great entertainment for all, and will certainly send the record labels into a frenzy (and possibly a bidding war) trying to sign these guys.

The crowd like this new direction of the band much more than the previous incarnation as The Infinity Cycle.

All in all, it was a lot of fun with some great people, great beer, and great food. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by for our special evening.

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