Friday, March 11, 2011

Last Thoughts on Today's Tsunami

Well, I was hoping to have some extra information for you all today, perhaps with some photos or something, but as it turned out, after a long and stressful night, today was actually pretty normal.  School was cancelled, and I asked the secretary to let me know if she was going in and I didn't hear back from her, so as it worked out, I didn't even make it into town today.  Just did yard work, and took a nap.

As for the promise to rant about the media, I've decided that in light of everything that has happened in Japan, and everything that is still going on there, any complaints I have seem trite and shallow against that backdrop.

I want to once again thank you all for your thoughts and concerns, both for myself and the other folks here on the islands.  The sentiment  is appreciated.  But as I said before, all thoughts and prayers should now be turned to the people in Japan, and what they're dealing with, as well as for the people still under a tsunami threat in parts of Central and South America.

Hopefully we can get back to the old, lighter, potato rake infested blog we're all used to soon.

Thanks again.


  1. It took a tsunami to get you to blog again. DANG! That is akin to hell freezing and pigs flying, my friend.

  2. well, I can't remember my blog and how to do it.
    so I do yours! I am rolling the quarters for my next visit ...but have yet to get the dart board out of the box. Is that lame or what? hopefully YOUR tsunami will never come!