Thursday, March 19, 2009

Current Cast of Characters

Hey everyone.

Sorry it's been a while. We've had a break in the weather, so Skye and I have been working a lot on the yurt. Also, Kaleo was in town, so I moved over to the neighbor's property for a bit. My phone's been out of commission, and my computer's power supply finally gave up the ghost. But I should have the phone running again tomorrow (I hope), and UH Hilo's best tech guys are trying to repair the power cable to my computer as we speak, so hopefully that'll all be resolved tonight. If not, I'll be ordering a new one, as I should have done months ago. For now, Skye's been nice enough to offer to let me use his Mac if there are any errors in this post, blame it on Steve Jobs.

I know some of you are really curious about the yurt, but I'm going to hold off on that until it's done and I can post pictures of each step. Should be good to go by the weekend. Then it's on to the hydro-power project! (I'm pretty excited about that)

So...yeah. No yurt info....pineapples are still coming up, and should be ready to start taking the first few off in the next 4 weeks or so....but I thought I'd take this time to tell you about all of the characters in my life at the moment, so when I say "Skye" or "Kaleo" or whatever, you've got a good mental picture and can follow along more easily. Sound good? Ok. Let's get it going.

(no photo available)
aka: Kalewa, aka: Boss
Role: Property Owner/Partner in Crime
Basic Skills: Operate power tools - Drive tractor - Configure/maintain networks - Cook tasty meals
Unique Skills: Only person who can play a guitar solo on the farm - Can drive farm equipment within half an inch of other vehicles/buildings/structures/etc. - Can provide an applicable quote from either The Simpsons or Futurama for nearly any situation
Attributes: Happily married, land owner, surprisingly long hair

(no photo available)
aka: Kaleoooooo, aka: Bosslady
Role: Property Owner/Skye's Wife
Basic Skills: maintain healthy relationship with husband while away at school - make sure we're eating right
Unique Skills: Can keep Skye and myself in check regarding our crazy ideas (mostly) - best at guiding a rafter to the yurt center ring while sitting on a ladder (seriously, we tried and could hardly do it without her) - bakes bread and (oh, you know this is the clincher) pie. 
(mmmmm pie.....)
Attributes: Happily married, land owner, surprisingly long hair (ha ha ha)

KIKO (English translation: Spot [seriously....that's what it means])

aka: Keeks, aka: Beeks, aka: Squeaks, aka: Deeks, aka: Squeaky Squeaky, aka: Freeks, aka: Bosslady
Role: Be a dog
Basic Skills: Property security - run - play
Unique Skills: Super photogenic - will bark at any sound of an unfamiliar car or the sound of the chain on the gate being moved
Attributes: spotted all over - likes to beg for table scraps - jumps with joy on a regular basis

LUANA (English translation: To relax, to be content)

aka: Lu, aka: Lu-lu, aka: Lu-dog (any of you seeing a potential problem here yet? therefore), aka: Red Leader (I started calling her that the first day, and now she usually answers to it)
Role: Be a dog
Basic Skills: Property pest control - run - play
Unique Skills: Can escape from anywhere at will - is the fastest dog on the farm - has selective hearing (that is, stubborn....or maybe just obsessive)
Attributes: big floppy red hound dog ears - sleeps like a log once out - can wander/hunt in the rain without thinking anything about it

HONI (English translation: To nuzzle, like with Eskimo kisses)

aka: Hones, aka: What's up hones?, aka: It's Hones, alright, aka: Parrot Cat
Role: Be a cat
Basic Skills: Property pest control - run on the roof before dawn
Unique Skills: Can leap from the deck handrail to the roof (amazing) - is good at catching things (mice/rats/lizards) but is bad at keeping track of them once caught
Attributes: more like a dog than a cat - cool to hang around with - like to headbut you gently when you're petting him

POPO (English translation: both "black" and "bundled up")

aka: Popes, aka: PoPoPopoes, aka: Shrimps, aka: Poparino
Role: Be a cat
Basic Skills: hang out - cuddle up in your arm while watching TV
Unique Skills: Can sit in the kick drum of the trap set for hours on end - can hide under the futon or in the pineapple plants outside and make me worry she's been carried of by a large bird or Mothra or something
Attributes: She's a little black cat who was born with a genetic disorder where several of the bones in her back legs are fused together. So she gets around at a slow pace, but is such a bundle of love that she's adored wherever she goes.


aka: Frank the Lizard, aka: Frank the Chameleon, aka: Frankie Green Face
Role: Be a lizard
Basic Skills: Property pest control - escape Honi
Unique Skills: Can supposedly change colors, but I've yet to see it - can move his eyes independantly
Attributes: scaly green skin - 4 legs - clamp (or clamp-like) jaws

MOTHRA (English translation: Mothra)

aka: Oh crap! It's Mothra!!!
Role: Be Mothra
Basic Skills: Fly around - Terrorize the cummunity
Unique Skills: Can shoot lasers from it's eyes - can pick up and drop large objects on people
Attributes: hatched from an egg that emerged after an undersea tremor

So that's about it. Those are the major players in my day to day life these days. There are some other folks you'll hear about from time to time (Souza, Linda and Puggy, Steve, etc.) but I think I'll get around to them when I start having some tales to tell that involve them.


  1. I love it! Wow, Mothra is scary... Yes, I see the potential problems with Red Leader - Lucy will have fun working with that! You live with a bunch of characters, Cameron! Will they all be able to visit you at the yurt? And how do you think Dagny and Lucy will respond to the new roommates? Speaking of which, does it thunder a lot? Is Dagny aware of this? :)

    I'm glad the rain held up for awhile - it's time to yurt!

    We're off to Vegas today! March Madness. Eric, Julian, Rene (Eric's sister) and I are meeting up with Paul and Jen. Lord help us.

  2. You forgot about Roger the Praying Mantis.

    Thanks for the re-pimping of my new blog!

  3. I see the identity crisis and I fix it.

    New aka for Luana: Na-na. As in, na, na, na, na, hey, hey. :)

    Great update!! :)