Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've Arrived

Yep. I made it. Safe and sound. And by some odd miracle, so did my luggage.

What's that you say? Unbelieveable? It's true. My luggage made it here with me.

I want to write more, I feel I should write more, and I will write more.....but not tonight. Right now I'm tired, I've got a nasty blister on my heel that needs serious tending to, and my laptop needs some sorting out, all adding up to the fact I don't think I would type right now would do the experience any justice.

That and I'm pissed that my countdown's not counting up once it hit the target time. I'll have to fix that tomorrow somehow.

Besides, I've got a whole new perspective on things thanks to Lizzie and her mad YouTube searching skills. :)

(I'd embed it, but they won't let me....stupid technology! ha ha ha)

So good night to all. Expect to hear more from me and my adventures of air travel tomorrow.


  1. Welcome to Paradise, Cameronomicon.

  2. Fantastic link--"give it a sec, it's going to space."

    Live it up for me!

  3. The blister - did you run through the airport? Or were you kicking the airplane seat in front of you repeatedly?

    That link is so funny!!