Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Life Out of Boxes

So..... I'm not taking back anything from the last post. I'm just adding some additional thoughts.

While I got all caught up in the interesting and surprising idea of packing things up and leaving them behind, and how that relates to the people I'll be leaving behind as well, I skipped right over one important fact:
Unlike the possessions, stowed away in dusty boxes waiting to be reclaimed, you, my friends and family, will find a way to come along with me. Whether it's through warm emails letting me know you're thinking of me, collaborating musically online, nosing into my business (ha!), living vicariously through my blog (fueling secret dreams of becoming a pineapple farmer), or taking the time to send me pictures, videos, and quick notes about your kids, your drunken Vegas adventures, the waffles you made for dinner, or whatever, you all have found a way to tag along with me, stowed away in my heart. And that's something no mere item could do (except maybe my guitar, but that's a different story :) ).

So here's to my great and amazing friends. You're sweet and hilarious and interesting and surprising and absolutely wonderful. It's not fair that a guy should be as lucky as I am to have you. I raise my coffee cup and toast you all, hoping you're not too hungover this morning to enjoy it. :)

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