Sunday, July 25, 2010

The M@ Abides

Dig the classic Olan Mills backdrop!

Ok all of you Cameronomicabalists out there, it's time for more blog pimpage!  Brought to you direct by The Great Magnet itself, the latest addition to what I like to think of as the Cameronoshpere: TheM@ Abides, the new blog started by our good friend TheMatt.  He's recently dropped everything but his cat and headed off to live in Seattle, and he's being kind enough to share the adventures with us.  Thus far they've been very entertaining.  So go check it out, follow if you like, and check back often.  Granted, it may be different that what you're used to here on the Cameronomicon, what with the complete and total lack of potato rake references, but I'm sure you're all kind and wise enough to see past that and enjoy TheM@ Abides upon its own merits.  You may also notice that I've added this blog to my "Blogs of Interest" in the sidebar on the right.  This'll let you know when he's added a new post.

Graçias, Cameronmigos.

That is all.


  1. what? Matt, you moved? Seriously? wow, well, we'll miss seeing you 1x a year. :( i'm not sure if i can commit to more than one blog though. hey cameron - does that make me a monogoblog? :D heh,heh! good luck matt!!!

  2. JEN! So glad to hear from you. I was just thinking the other day that I should call you, as I haven't heard from you in a while, and why shouldn't I be the one to call once in a while? But it was too late to call, and then I got busy, and then I started thinking that you weren't calling anymore because you really would rather not be talking with me, so I took that as a sign that I wasn't drinking enough coffee. After I had a good case of the jitters, I thought it might be a good idea to eat something, and so you know, the Punaluu sweet bread here is amazing. And that's why I didn't call.

    But yes, Matt moved, which means two very significant things: A) We've all now got a place to crash in Seattle! (hooray!) and B) There will offically be no more Cameron on 9News (all 4 of which involved water, strangely enough: 1) Freak Memorial Day snowstorm in Dillon [not Matt's doing], flooding in Ft. Collins [very flattering shot of me Shop-Vac-ing water out of the basement carpet, which I specifically asked him to not show], snow depth report for Ft. Collins [where I told him he could only use the info if the meteorologist thanked me by name, which he didn't], and of course on-the-scene reporting of the tsunami that never actually happened).

    At any rate, Jen, you have certainly got commitment issues! How did you ever get married?!? (I'm guessing Paul tricked you somehow.... :) ) But I am glad that if you can only commit to one blog, that it's mine. Very touching (in a very non-physical very hypertextual sense, Trickster Paul :) )

  3. yeah, I know. you should have called. i've been thinking the same thing lately but i didn't call because i'm in stage 6 of my hermitage - (stage 7 is absolute recluse) not because i got distracted by crackers or whatever. maybe this weekend we can skype or something? re the whole commitment thing - Matt may have caught my eye - jaded sarcasm gets me every time. How did i ever get married, hmmm good question. actually that's easy - have you ever told Paul no? it's because you can't say no to Paul. (that and well, he's a keeper).

    the whole blog commitment phobia thing is also because of people who create blogs and never update them - i.e. Jo, Justin & Michele. Notice this is coming up as Evolving Gardens - i created a blog for the guy I work for as an example of a free "website" and now I show up as him. wtf? anywho, we'll call you this weekend??