Monday, August 10, 2009

Felicia: Part 2

What a complete and total let down of a storm.
I was planning on writing more last night, but as nothing was happening, I fell asleep instead. Sorry about that.
Anyway, we got a grand whopping total of 0.60" of rain from the storm. That's only 0.1" more than we've normally been getting every night for the last three weeks. So....yeah. Not much to report at all.

On the upside, the storm did make for some great waves at the beach. Kalewa and I took the camera out in hopes of catching some video. We really didn't get any good action shots (still learning on that one) and we only took a couple of still shots, which I'm including. There's one video, though, that I really want to post, but every time I try, the DSL modem here wigs out, and cuts off all internet connection. So I guess I'll see if Kalewa can throw it on youtube for me tomorrow.

So that's about it. Wish I had more for you this evening, but......I don't. :)

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