Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Return of the Blog

You may not be getting anything, but it's free! What do you expect?

I took that photo at my local Walmart a while back.  

Anyway, I'm back!  (I thought about making my triumphant return a three part series called "Fellowship of the Blog", "The Two Bloggers", and "Return of the Blog" but the idea of photoshopping myself into a hobbit seemed too daunting.)  The real reason I'm back is that after having several people ask me "What's up with the blog?" and after responding several times "mwhydunno.....", I've decided it's time to get off of my kiester and start blogging again.

The reasons for my hiatus are valid and varied, or at least they were at first.  I was really busy working at the school, and then pineapple season kicked in, and then I moved to LA and met this hooker named - no kidding - "Obi-Wan $10". (Any or all of the previous sentence may be fictional.)

Anyway, once all of my running around subsided, I realized that I was still pretty busy.  And all of the stuff I was busy with was pretty boring (read: you wouldn't want to read it).

"But how is that any different from anything else you've put up here Cameron?" I can hear you all saying in unison.  To which I must respond, "Touch√© salesman."

Therefore I will now regale you with all that I thought about writing about but didn't.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Regan called me out on his blog, saying that it only took him seven minutes to write a new blog post.  I take twice that just running through title options and three times that photoshopping potato rakes all over the place.  But I've taken it as a challenge, and I'll try to complete the next series of posts in 7 minutes or less.

Enjoy (or not).

It's all such a bargain


  1. it's lovely to have you back cameron - and the time you spend photoshopping & coming up w/ clever titles is never wasted! can't wait to hear all about everything!