Friday, April 2, 2010

Other Items on the Phone's Memory Card

(a.k.a. A Night Out with Paul)

First, you've got to find a desolate location.

Nice, but a little overboard.  Back into the car.

Better, but the sooner off of the road the better.

"It may be dark in here."

Perfect!  They even left us hats in the bathroom!!
Now....  let's get some drinks!

Step 1: Lick Jen's head


Whoah whoah whoah!  Paul says that's not cool!

"That's not cool."

Alternate Step 1:  If you can't lick Jen's head, get her to lick something else.


Step 2: Order the Scottish Car Bombs

Step 3: Verify potency with your ear

"What's that, Glassy?  Timmy's stuck at the bottom of a well drink?!?"

Step 4: Consume (preferably with confused commentary)

Step 5: *ahem*

"Dude....keep an eye out for cops for me, will ya?"

Step 6:

That's's a druggie bear

Final Step:

And if you don't believe it, you WILL be attacked by large packs of wild dogs.

You can trust me.  I've got snow on my hat.

.....and I look a little cross-eyed.  That's trustworthy, right?  :)


  1. Um Cameron, you have no idea how much that video made my stomach turn . . . thanks for only posting that! They should call it a Scottish IED. (Improvised Explosive Device) ha-ha!

  2. Indeed.....that drink is evil, if only just for the price. It's so affordable, how can you not order it?!?